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Our neoprene wraps contain the following unique attributes:

  • Cold therapy PLUS compression, which drives the cold deep into the soft tissue.

  • The patented liner prevents skin burn or cold shock while keeping your clothes dry.

  • 100% non-toxic gel, which is FDA approved, freezes faster than ice, stays colder than ice,
    and maintains flexibility with no mess.

S O O T H E   Y O U R   A C H I N G   P A R T S
Ankles Back Arms & Elbows Knees Shoulders Wrists
Each re-usable cold therapy wrap provides full ice wrap compression coverage to the specific torn muscle and tendon groups for 15 to 20 minutes as recommended by M.D.s and Orthopedic Therapists. The compression drives the cold deep into affected areas to reduce swelling and stop pain.

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