Cold OneŽ wraps can be used against skin or over clothing. No messy ice or condensation.

The Cold OneŽ Knee Wrap provides quick and efficient relief to stop knee swelling and knee pain from an active knee sprain or strain. Icing and compression are combined in a single knee wrap which is comfortable and proven to be an effective aid in healing a swollen knee or injured knee.

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Knee sprains, strains and knee swelling from a torn muscle, tendon, or ligament are one of the most common sports athletic injuries. The recommended medical treatment for an injured or swollen knee is to use cold and compression several times a day to stop knee pain and stop knee swelling.

The sooner a knee sprain, strain or swollen knee is treated the sooner the recovery period. The Cold OneŽ cold compression knee wrap drives cold deep to stop knee pain, stop knee swelling and prevent stiffness after injury. Apply a Cold OneŽ knee wrap immediately after any strenuous knee exercise to stop knee pain and stop knee swelling.

Keep a Cold OneŽ knee wrap in your freezer for 2 hours and then apply it for 15-20 minutes to your sore or swollen knee after every exercise period. The compression drives the cold deep into the muscles, tendons and ligaments to provide soothing relief and faster recovery from a sore and swollen knee.

Cold compression therapy wraps effectively reduce knee pain and reduce knee swelling.

The swollen knee and knee pain is caused by damage to the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to soft tissue cells or muscles. The injured soft tissue cells are deprived of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy cells and maintenance of the body’s natural healing process. The damaged blood vessels are also unable to remove cell waste. Uncontrolled, this process causes cell death and results in blood and fluid seeping into the damaged portions of the muscle causing swelling and bruising which creates additional injury to the affected area. This additional injury is what prolongs recovery from knee sprains and strains.

Cold compression therapy constricts the blood vessels and slows down the metabolism of the cells. The reduced metabolism lowers the need for the oxygen and nutrients and slows the rate of cell death and the resulting excess build up of blood and fluid. Cold therapy also has a numbing effect on the nerve endings decreasing the impulses to the brain perceived as pain.

Cold OneŽ Knee wraps deliver both cold therapy and compression therapy at the same time. The combination drives the cold deeper into the injured soft tissue than ice packs, frozen peas, or frozen chemical gel bags.

The Cold OneŽ is the perfect knee wrap for basketball, tennis, baseball or any knee sprain or knee sports injury and is recommended by the National Pitchers Association and the U.S. Tennis Association for their participants.

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