Cold One® wraps can be used against skin or over clothing. No messy ice or condensation.

ColdOne® wraps deliver both cold therapy and compression therapy at the same time. The combination drives the cold deeper into the injured tissue than ice packs, frozen peas, or frozen chemical gel bags.

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Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports athletic injuries. The recommended sports therapy medical treatment for an ankle sprain is to use cold (ice wraps) and compression to stop ankle pain and reduce ankle swelling. The sooner a sprain is treated the sooner the recovery period.

The ColdOne® Ankle wrap fits like an open toe, open heel sock. The high spliced heel design provides added support and compression of injured or strained Achilles Tendons and ligaments from ankle sprains and ankle sports injuries. The ankle cold compression wrap drives cold deep to stop ankle pain, help reduce swelling and prevent stiffness after injury. The extended coverage on top of foot reduces ankle swelling in hard to reach areas and is useful for foot sprains and strains as well.

Place a ColdOne® wrap in your freezer for 2 hours and then apply it to your sore ankle after every exercise period. The compression drives the cold deep into the muscles, tendons and ligaments to provide soothing relief and faster recovery from an injury or ankle tendonitis. The wrap provides 20 minutes of cold/ice therapy plus compression to reduce swelling and pain from injury or reoccuring injury.

ColdOne® ankle wraps should be part of every athlete's pre-hab and re-hab routine for ankle sprain sports injuries.

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