Cold One® wraps can be used against skin or over clothing. No messy ice or condensation.

ColdOne® wraps deliver both cold therapy and compression therapy at the same time. The combination drives the cold deeper into the injured tissue than ice packs, frozen peas, or frozen chemical gel bags.

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Cold One® Cold Compression rotator cuff therapy treatment for your torn rotator cuff stops pain and swelling while your shoulder heals. Rotator cuff or shoulder injuries caused by repetitive stressed shoulders or sports injuries are common, painful, interrupt sleep, and can take a long time to heal.

Cold One® is the premier cold compression therapy wrap for a shoulder injury or torn rotator cuff. The Cold One® shoulder cold wrap is made for the individual or athlete whose motions cause repetitive stress to the shoulder and rotator cuff by providing Cold Compression to stop shoulder swelling, inflammation and stop shoulder pain.

Inflammation is the result of the soft tissue injury and the pain won't stop and the injury won't heal until the inflammation is diminished. Each time you feel pain in your shoulder, you are probably slightly re-injuring yourself and increasing inflammation. The Cold One® Shoulder Wrap STOPS AND REMOVES INFLAMMATION the very first time you wear it for only 10 minutes. Daily use is recommended until the shoulder is completely pain free and all range of motion has been restored. The shoulder wrap can be frozen in a home refrigerator freezer within 2 hours.

The Cold One® shoulder wrap is designed specifically to provide torn rotator cuff therapy for tennis shoulders, baseball pitcher's shoulders, football, volleyball and swimmers who repeatedly stress the shoulder muscles, and joints through repetitive overhead activity involving the shoulder rotator cuff.

The wrap provides icing and compression to:

  • The front of the rib cage
  • Over the upper chest
  • Over the shoulder
  • Down the upper back
  • Around the upper bicep

The ColdOne® shoulder ice wrap provides effective treatment of a Chronic Torn Rotator Cuff, shoulder tendonitis, tendon injuries, and shoulder impingements by applying compressed cold to the painful and swollen areas and aiding proper shoulder support.

Wearing the ColdOne® shoulder wrap for at least 20 minutes before bed time helps reduce pain causing sleeplessness.

The wrap does not immobilize shoulder movement but aids in gentle motion to maintain mobility. Relief of shoulder and rotator cuff pain starts immediately, but torn rotator cuff therapy treatment should continue for at least two weeks. As pain subsides an exercise program for a torn rotator cuff should be implemented and care taken not to re-injure the shoulder. See your doctor or chiropractor if the rotator cuff tear is severe.

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